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The complete guide to optimising your online visibility

Online visibility increases your sales and enhances your credibility. By optimising this ability, your website will definitely stand out from the competition.

Understanding the basics

The fundamentals of technical SEO

Technical SEO is an essential aspect of SEO. These actions improve the positioning of your website as well as its traffic.

With technical SEO, you can create a high-performance digital portal. This kind of website loads quickly and offers visitors smooth navigation. In order to design such a digital platform, you need to reduce the size of your multimedia files and choose the right web hosting.

Use a Content Delivery Network

Compress CSS, JavaScript and HTML files

Website security and structure are also part of technical SEO.

Backlinks & SEO

How to build online authority

Link building

There are several methods of link building: guest blogging, directories, press relations, comments, etc.

SEO outreach

This strategy allows you to obtain editorial, auto-generated and manual backlinks. It creates relationships based on trust.

Content creation

Creating good web content requires strategy and creativity.

Product management & SEO

How do you make your online offerings shine?

The tip to make your offers stand out on the Internet is to combine product management and organic referencing. If you want to make it easier for search engines to index your website, you can improve product management by seeking assistance here :

A powerful duo

Search engine optimisation strategies in digital marketing

Creating a winning content strategy

A winning content strategy attracts Internet users, builds loyalty and converts visitors into customers. If you want to develop an effective and efficient method, you need to define your target audience and your objectives.

The impact of social platforms on rankings

Social platforms generate social signals. Likes, comments and shares are used to assess a site’s ranking in search results.

Email marketing automation: Save time and increase efficiency

With email marketing automation, you can track and send personalised emails based on your contacts’ behaviour. This platform helps you send targeted and relevant messages.

SEO audit

Optimisation: implement an improvement plan

Loading speed

The loading speed of a website affects the user experience and its ranking.

Keyword research

Successful keyword research starts by identifying your audience and defining your objective.

Position tracking

Position tracking allows you to see how a site is performing against the competition.

SEO expertise

Key SEO skills and backgrounds

SEO copywriters

SEO copywriters use relevant keywords to make their websites visible and attractive.

SEO consultants

An SEO consultant masters the techniques of organic referencing. They help their clients improve the quality of their websites.

Web referrers

A web referrer has skills in IT, web copywriting and data analysis.